OpenComRTOS ©

Formally developed and verified, OpenComRTOS is a network-centric, small but very powerful approach for transparent concurrent and distributed real-time embedded systems. Ideal for many-core SoCs.

Design once, run everywhere has never been easier.


Designer ©

Alreonicís visual modeling environment. Combined with powerful code generators and simulation capability on Windows or Linux PCs, it allows the engineer to focus on the essence of his application and reduces considerably the time needed to develop embedded software.

OpenTracer ©

Altreonicís OpenTracer is a powerful graphical tool for analyzing, verifying and profiling real-time embedded software.

Integrated† with Altreonicís OpenComRTOS Designer, OpenTracer is like an oscilloscope for the embedded engineer.






Virtual Machine in 3 KB

Dynamic code in embedded distributed systems doesnít need to be big. Using a formalized approach we developed the capability to execute any binary code on any processor. Still the code is encapsulated as a real-time task and only requires a few KBytes of extra memory.† This is what real embedded systems need.