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Developed as a multi-user web portal, GoedelWorks integrates Altreonicís methodology using a straightforward systems engineering information model, combining the process as well as† the project view. It can support a project from early conception till release of the product or system. Safety Standards awareness (IEC-61508, IEC-62061, ISO-26262, ISO-13849, ISO-25119 and ISO-15998) supports pre-certification.

Formal and formalized††† modeling & verification

In need of verifying C code or verifying numerical stability of algorithms?

Altreonic has experience and know-how of different formal tools and methods, such as TLA+/TLC, CSP, UPPAAL and B. We also use tools that formally verify C code.

Only software can be error-free.

At Altreonic we donít speak of software bugs. Even faulty software will fail quite predictably as the program is a very deterministic state machine. Software however has errors, either by specification, either by design. All other faults are externally induced.

Tools, dependency trees and version management for productivity and consistency

While Unified Semantics and Interacting Entities bring you a long way in mastering complex design, in the project domain† teamwork, discipline and consistency are key. Hence our tools support the methodology to boost productivity and automate whenever possible. Hence, requirements and specifications capturing comes down to incrementally building up a structured web portal, that becomes a living repository for the project.

In order to keep track and support reuse, version management and dependency trees are essential. Version and configuration management allows to have consistent snap-shots of the system. Dependency and precedence trees allow to analyze the impact of changes, as small as they can be.

Safety means that failures are anticipated by backtracking them to the original root cause. In an engineering process, the reverse happens as well. Any change in the input is reflected in the systemís behavior.

R&D background

ASIL, with Flanders Drive Automotive cluster on a common Safety Integrity Level engineering (IWT).

EVOLVE, on Evolutionary Verification and Certification of safety critical systems (ITEA).

OPENCOSS, on developing a common certification methodology for Automotive, Railway and Aerospace. (FP7)