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Altreonic partner in FP7 IP OPENCOSS project

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 23 September 2011

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OPENCOSS (Open Platform for EvolutioNary Certification of Safety-critical Systems) is a recently approved R&D project. The project 17 partners aim at a common certification framework that spans different vertical markets for the railway, avionics and automotive industry, and establish a common safety certification infrastructure. The strategy is to focus on a compositional and evolutionary certification approach with the capability to reuse safety arguments, safety evidence, and contextual information about system components, in a way that makes certification more cost-effective, precise, and scalable. OPENCOSS will define a common certification language by unifying the requirements and terminology of different industries and building a common approach to certification activities.

OPENCOSS aims at developing a tool infrastructure for managing certification information and performing safety assurance activities. Within this infrastructure, systematic and auditable processes will be developed to reduce uncertainty and (re)certification costs. To have long-lasting industrial impact, the project will pursue standardisation of the conceptual framework and the tool infrastructure resulting from the project. 

More information will be made available at a later stage.

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