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Fault tolerant VirtuosoNext RTOS for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers

Altreonic has now ported the latest VirtuosoNext Designer to ARM Cortex M-series microcontrollers. The latest version fully exploits the Memory Protection support to provide fine-grain partitioning and allows fine-grain recovery from processor exceptions in a few microseconds at the Task level. This effectively provides fault tolerance for the applications without the system experiencing any significant delay and without having to apply costly hardware redundancy schemes. At the system level, the resilience level is greatly increased at virtually no cost. The economic advantages are significant.

VirtuosoNext starter license

Altreonic is now introducing a starter's license for VirtuosoNext Designer at € 4950. It includes Visual Designer (with all code generators), Event Tracer and a Windows 32bit node (used for cross-development, simulation or as a node in a system). Also includes is a one day free training in our offices. Embedded targets are evaluation and development boards with a connection to a host PC and with JTAG support. First available targets are ARM-M and -R boards. For other targets, please contact Altreonic. For more details, contact Altreonic. Some restrictions might apply.

System level failure statistics needed

Now that we have support for fault recovery in VirtuosoNext, We have been wondering how extensive the coverage could be in real-life systems. The issue is that data on failure root causes is either considered as confidential, either narrowly focusing on specific elements (e.g. hardware reliability). We cannot really find statistical data for these system level failures. Do you know of any such data?

Altreonic successfully delivers on the EuroCPS NoFist project


Pressemitteilung • Communiqué de Presse • Comunicato Stampa

Altreonic successfully delivers on the EuroCPS NoFist project 

(Novel Fine Grain Space and Time Partitioning for a Mixed Criticality Platform)

In the project, supervised by Thales TRT, Altreonic ported and further developed VirtuosoNext Designer, providing as an industry’s first fine-grain space and time portioning. The latter enables non-stop hard real-time processing by recovering from runtime faults in microseconds on the selected Freescale T2080 platform.

Non-stop hard real-time processing with VirtuosoNext for safety

A fault-tolerant, fully distributed RTOS

Just when you thought there was nothing new anymore in the world of RTOS, the VirtuosoNext RTOS announces seamless fault-tolerance, a milestone for embedded safety and security.

SynopsisAs the world is moving towards "smarter" systems, often embedded, and our life and society is becoming dependent on their uninterrupted operation, fault-tolerance is becoming a prime requirement. Just think about autonomous driving. Will it safely bring you home all the time? In case of a system fault, the reaction time is less than 100 milliseconds. No time for a reboot.

A consequence of the fine-grain space partitioning support in VirtuosoNext is the capability to recover from runtime faults within a few microseconds. The combination of fine-grain concurrency and this fast recovery effectively provides support for non-stop hard real-time processing even when faults occur without a complex and costly system design. VirtuosoNext non-stop capability means that fault-tolerance comes in reach in a cost-efficient manner, as well as in terms of development effort as in terms of compute resources. 

New booklet on real-time programming of multicore processors

Altreonic has released an updated version of its "QoS and real-time requirements for embedded many- and multicore systems" booklet. A major chapter was added covering the fine-grain partitioning support of VirtuosoNext on several target processors (Texas Instruments M3, A9, C6678 and Freescale 2080). The paper clearly shows that partitioning support for safety and security can be implemented with almost no penalties for the real-time behaviour. In addition, the code size remains very modest (ranging from less than 10 kbytes to 38 kbytes depending on the target). Download the attached publication for more details.

Video course by Leslie Lamport on TLA+

Leslie Lamport, the man behind TLA+/TLC, the formal modeling language we used to develop our RTOS kernel has started a series of video lectures on TLA+. If interested in a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to formal modelling, we can only recommend it.

The webpage with a discussion forum is here with the videos here

Open position

Altreonic is recruiting embedded software engineers. Candidates need to have a good understanding of low level programming (C and assembler), rigorous testing and preferably qualification requirements. Forward your motivated interest and resumé to Annie Dejonghe: a.dejonghe (@) If selected as a candidate, be prepared for an intellectually challenging test.

Altreonic shows novel VirtuosoNext Designer at Hannover Messe

Altreonic has been demonstrating VirtuosoNext at the Hannover Messe, 24-28 April on the EUROCPS booth with Thales TRT. Visit us Hall 3, Booth E02 (European Comission). Altreonic's team has been meeting many interested visitors at the Hannover Messe April 24-28. Highlights were the novel City-KURT concept as well as VirtuosoNext.




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