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VirtuosoNext RTOS unleashes the power of Sundance’s OpenVPX DSP board

Together they create a powerful and ultra-high bandwidth processing platform ideally suited for computation and bandwidth-intensive high-reliability and safety-critical applications

Chesham, UK – 21st February 2017. Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd., an established supplier and manufacturer of high performance embedded solutions, has collaborated with Altreonic to port its multicore VirtuosoNextTM Designer embedded RTOS to Sundance’s VF360 3U OpenVPX single board computer (SBC), that integrates a Texas Instruments C6678 Keystone multicore DSP alongside an Altera Stratix® V FPGA.

Read more in the attached press release.

Wishes for 2017

Dear Reader,

2016 has been a difficult year for the world. If engineering trustworthy systems is not easy, engineering a trustworthy world is still beyond our reach. On the other hand, every mishap is an opportunity to do better next time. What seems to be the weak point is passing on the lessons learned. This explains why we have the cycles of Kontradiev and history seems to repeat itself.

Nevertheless, this year we were able to make good progress. GoedelWorks is now a stable engineering platform, VirtuosoNext Designer is now probably the most safe and secure RTOS environment and we applied these technologies in developing the KURT e-vehicle platform into a demonstrator vehicle with first commercial applications. It would be a mistake to assume that this is all a matter of technology. The binding glue is teamwork.

Stay tuned for more in 2017 and wishing you all a better world.

The Altreonic team.

New group Autonomous Systems Enthousiasts

Initiated by Tuur Benoit (Siemens) a new group is being set up around Autonomous Systems. Eric Verhulst will present "The long road from proof of concept to real-world autonomous systems" at the Kick-Off on 26-October-2016, ESAT, Leuven.

For details, visit here.


Altreonic selected in EuroCPS open call with VirtuosoNext

Altreonic has been selected in the EuroCPS project to port a Flight Management test application with VirtuosoNext on an avionics platform of Thales. EuroCPS is an European funded project focusing on advanced computing and cyber-physical systems. It gathers several design centers in order to boost and initiate synergies between innovative companies, major CPS-platforms and CPS-competency providers. The specific project with Altreonic is labeled NoFiST (Novel Fine Grain Space and Time Partitioning for a Mixed Criticality Platform) and is a cooperation with Thales TRT. Hereby the abstract:

VirtuosoNext™ Designer ignites TI’s C6678 RoC on Parsec VF360

Altreonic has now ported VirtuosoNext™ Designer to the Texas Instruments’ 8-core C6678 DSP of Sundance’ Parsec VF360 VPX board. The board has 8 floating point DSPs and an Altera Stratix-V on board and is a real single chip signal processing embedded super computer.  Running at 1.25 GHz, the eight cores deliver together up to 224 GFlops with a peak bandwidth of 16 Gbytes/s. 

Rosetta enters eternity

Since ESA's Rosetta mission reached the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Comet, it has been an inspiring event for science and engineering. The whole endeavour was unimaginable just a few decades ago. We can only say we are glad to have made a small contribution with our Virtuoso RTOS on-board. After Philae landed and did most of its assigned work until the batteries died, Rosetta has been circling the comet providing us with impressive pictures and valuable insight in what a comet now really is. 

From the archives: the origins of VirtuosoNext

VirtuosoNext Designer can be considered a 5th generation of the Virtuoso RTOS, whose origins go back to 1991. It was the first RTOS that was completely distributed and mainly used for parallel DSP applications, often in the demanding aero-space-defense domain. Some target systems had 12000 processors, the most prominent one was ESA's Rosetta spacecraft.

GoedelWorks links with production and ERP

GoedelWorks is Altreonic's environment to guide the systems engineering process from early requirements till the last implementation item. This can be a mechanical or electric component, a piece of software or a procured subsystem component. GoedelWorks henceforth provides improved support for entering the production stage after the engineering project has been approved.

Independent Certification for CPS

With the increasing introduction of embedded software and electronics in the infrastructure and with systems becoming interconnected, society as such is becoming highly dependent on the correct functioning of these systems. Besides the economic necessity, there is also a growing safety and security risk whereby single failures can be very disruptive and even catastrophic.



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