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This page is your entry point for downloading demo's, trial versions and some of the documentation of our products.

Requirements: You must be a registered user providing address and contact details by email while requesting the product key. The product key is needed to unzip the installation file.

What is provided:

- The "Systems Engineering with Goedelworks Booklet"

- A presentation on the ASIL project and GoedelWorks

- A free download version of the Win32 version of the OpenComRTOS Designer Suite (OpenVE + OpenTracer + Open Systems Debugger + OpenComRTOS). This product is free of charge and carries no royalties. The default compiler tools are MinGW and cmake. Support is not included but provided on a voluntary basis. All issues will always be reponded to. Download the bundled tools suite and contact us for the key.

Note: you might need to change your path settings when using another tool like e.g. Cygwin. Contact for details if needed.

- The Win32 or Linux version can be used as a simulator (single or multiprocessor) as well as a node in the target system. To obtain a target specific version, contact us directly.


SE with GoedelWorks V4.pdf6.5 MB
RealTime and QoS scheduling.pdf2.56 MB
OCR Designer Application Note.pdf19.41 MB
Altreonic_ARRL_DRAFT_WIP011113.pdf2.79 MB
GoedelWorks and ASIL.pdf2.56 MB
SASSUR 2012 An Unified Metamodel for Trustworthy Systems Engineering.pdf475.12 KB
Scalable embedded real-time with OpenComRTOS.pdf1.28 MB
OpenComRTOS-Suite_Manual_1.4.pdf7.6 MB
OpenComRTOS_API-Manual.pdf7.6 MB
OpenVE_Manual_v_2.05.pdf1.19 MB
Performance Figures.pdf112.32 KB
OpenComRTOS-Suite- MB
Tutorial_1_Installing_the_OpenComRTOS_Suite_Win32_notes.pdf362.3 KB
OpenEventTracer- MB
OpenTracer Readme.pdf480.47 KB



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