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ARRL and antifragility in special Springer magazine

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 04 December 2015

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Altreonic was invited to submit an article in a special issue of the Springer Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments. In the article with as title "Antifragility: systems engineering at its best", we discuss the ARRL (Assured Reliability and resileience Level" criterion at length. From the magazine editorial by Vincenzo de Florio: "In “Antifragility: systems engineering at its best”, Eric Verhulst, Bernhard Sputh, and Pieter Van Schaik discuss the Assured Reliability and Resilience Level (ARRL), a novel criterion that allows system components to be reused in a normative way while preserving the safety integrity level at the system level. ARRL complements the Safety Integrity Level and defines seven levels of which the highest one can be described as the level where the system becomes antifragile. Each level is illustrated and exemplified. It is shown how the features and the general character of ARRL translate into a promising approach for achieving safety across different domains and systems".

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Further information can be found in the Gödel Series booklet



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