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Meeting up with Altreonic

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 03 October 2014

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Altreonic has presented at following events:

1. AIRTEC 2014 (October 28 - 30, 2014 Frankfurt / Main, Germany). 9th International Aerospace Supply fair. A B2B meeting event with exhibition and a congress. Come and see Altreonic.

2. D&E Event 29th October 2014. Design Automation & Embedded Systems Event 2014. Location: Den Bosch, Netherlands. Eric Verhulst will present “ A generic methodology for safety engineering”. Track Embedded at 10.00. 

3. Upcoming releases: GoedelWorks 2.5 and OpenComRTOS Qualification Package.

Soon to be released is GoedelWorks 2.5. It uses an upgraded metamodel with a generic pattern for Work Packages. It also has more supporting features that accelerate the development of a qualifiable Project. As a Test Case we developed our own RTOS Qualification Package as announced below.

Soon to be released as well is the OpenComRTOS 1.6. Qualification Package. The current Qualification Package is geared towards the PowerPC e-600. With the exception of the Hardware Abstraction Layer most of the evidence can be reused for other target processors. It was developed as a Project inside GoedelWorks 2.5 and provides real-time traceability from early Requirements till the last line of code. Code coverage (functions, lines and branches) is 100% and supported by an automatic test suite. In total about 370 tests were developed and verified.

Overall the Qualification Package Project contains 1280 Entities, 2840 structural or dependency links, 18 high level Requirements, 307 Specifications and 512 Work Products (e.g. source code files, Test Cases) and Artefacts (e.g. Reports). Not bad for a software that has only 6550 lines of source code and resulting code size of 15724 Bytes. The Qualification Package is now undergoing a final Review.

Stay tuned for our next newsletter for more details.



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