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Meet up with Altreonic

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 13 May 2014

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Altreonic will be present at following events:

1. FISITA 2014 (Maastricht, 2-6 June 2014), the World Automotive Congress

2. The ESA Industry Space Days, taking place at ESTEC - Noordwijk, on June 3rd & 4th, 2014

3. ANTIFRAGILE 2014 workshop (Hasselt, 3rd June 2014)

Read further for details:

1. FISITA 2014 (Maastricht, 2-6 June 2014), the World Automotive Congress, will focus on the theme: "Intelligent transport to solve our future mobility, safety and environmental challenges". More information at

Altreonic presents a short paper: "Scalable mobility: a holistic systems and safety engineering project" in session MVC-7 5th June at 0830.

This paper discussed the following question: We are increasingly confronted with transportation and mobility challenges forcing society to rethink how to provide mobility and transport capability to people and organisations. A prime cause of the issues is a disconnection between historically developed transport technologies and the divergent transport modes a user needs. The question asked is if it is possible to develop a safe mobility technology that is inherently scalable and adapts to the transportation needs by changing modes, yet offering more capacity and safety than current systems.

Altreonic is also showing its first research prototype "vehicle". Nicknamed "Kurt", it is a small one-person vehicle with 4 hub electric motors. Scalable and modular by design, it serves the purpose of developing the core technology whereby each function is a "smart" one, using drive-by-wire principles for the skid-steering and dynamic control for safety. It also serves as a test case for Altreonic's core technologies: GoedelWorks is used to manage the project and design in a traceable way and OpenComRTOS Designer is used for the runtime software layer. Extensive use is made of physical simulation. Sensors play an important role. Kurt as a research platform can also be made available to research organisations. The first protototype can be viewed at the FISITA exhibition, booth 21. Altreonic is present with Voxdale, Altreonic's partner for industrial design.

2. The European Space Agency organises one the most important events dedicated to space technologies in Europe: the ESA Industry Space Days, taking place at ESTEC - Noordwijk, on June 3rd & 4th, 2014. Set-up as a B2B event, it brings together small as well as large organisations active in the space sector. Hence registration is required. More information at

3. Paper presentation at the ANTIFRAGILE 2014 workshop on 3rd June. “From Dependable to Resilient, from Resilient to Antifragile Ambients and Systems”. Colocated with 5th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT-2014) June 2 - 5, 2014, Hasselt, Belgium.

Paper title: "Applying systems and safety engineering principles for antifragility" 

The workshop, inspired by the books of Professor Nicholas Taleb who will be present (at least virtually), explores the question of how systems can be antifragile, simply said a property that allows systems to become "better" after a failure has occured (and be aware of black swans!). Altreonic has been exploring this question from the point of view of systems and safety engineering. The result is a further extension of the ARRL criterion. While fault tolerant systems are classified as ARRL-5 systems, anti-fragile systems often have a high societal importance and can be classified as ARRL-7. Such systems do actually exist with one example being the aviation domain. Such a domain doesn't take the vehicle as its end-development, but is geared towards providing a service (in this case mobility). The difference is that it contains supervisory organisations and active feedback loops from which all stakeholders benefit. Hence it links with our concept for a scalable road based transport system as presented at FISITA. The paper concludes with a hypothesis that biological systems even exhibit higher ARRL levels.

The paper and presentation can be found here.

The full program is available from: 

Altreonic_fisita_2014.pdf3.68 MB
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Rethinking mobility and transport-final proposal.pdf107.23 KB
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