You are hereAltreonic presents at MARC'ONERA'2012 Symposium in Toulouse

Altreonic presents at MARC'ONERA'2012 Symposium in Toulouse

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 06 July 2012

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Altreonic has been presenting "Transparent Programming of Many/Multi Cores with OpenComRTOS. Comparing Intel 48-core SCC and TI 8-core TMS320C6678" at the Intel MARC symposium in Toulouse on Friday 20st July 2012. The symposium is focused on "bare metal programming" on the Intel experimental 48core SCC chip. In attachment the paper and presentation. For the full program, visit the ONERA website.

Transparent Programming of ManyMulti Cores with OpenComRTOS.pdf332.41 KB
MARC_Toulouse2012_Altreonic.pdf1.92 MB



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