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ANTI-FRAGILE workshop and FISITA papers. Workshop. Jobs.

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 11 June 2014

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Some update on recent events:


Altreonic is organising a new series of workshops under the title "Accessible trustworthy systems engineering with OpenComRTOS Designer and GoedelWorks". It explains how Altreonic's formalised "Correct by Construction" approach helps in trustworthy product development without the heavy overhead often associated with such developments.

The first workshop will be held end on 24th June 2014 in Fourways, Johannesburg, South-Africa.

Details can be found here.

ANTI-FRAGILE 2014 workshop paper now available

Altreonic's paper presented at the ANTIFRAGILE-2014 worksop is now available for download here.

Another outcome of the workshop is the creation of a new LinkedIn group on Computational Antifragility 

FISITA great success for methodology and Altreonic's e-mobility demonstrator.

Altreonic presented a short paper on a novel scalable mobility and transport concept at the FISITA-2014 Conference and Exhibition. The paper titled "Scalable mobility: a holistic systems and safety engineering project" was well received. Coincidently, this was a few days after the Google driverless (and no controls either except an emergency stop button) car was announced to start its first test period on the road.

This is a significant event as it could be the start of real disruption for land based traffic technology, affecting established technologies like cars, buses and trains alike. As we advocated during the FISITA presentation, countries that will lead this disruptive evolution will benefit as the impact will be widespread. Such a development needs novel technology ranging from sensors to computers as well as wireless communication and a smart infrastructure. In addition the vehicles need to be fault-tolerant and energy efficient, hence only hybrid or electric drives will be able to meet the safety requirements. The impact on safety engineering will also be high (requiring an ARRL-7 level as in the aviation domain) with additional impact in the socio-economic and legal domain. Countries that won't be able to make the necessary investments are likely to be left behind, hence it will certainly affect their competitive position worldwide.

Altreonic's small e-vehicle concept is used as test case for our own methodology as well as a research vehicle to develop the necessary safety architecture. Both were well received at the exhibition. 

The presentation and papers can be downloaded here:


Interested to work on any of the topics above with a dynamic international team of highly qualified engineers? See our job page.





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