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KURT moves to sticky icon

Altreonic is separating as a new activity with a focus on electric mobility. All KURT related content is now available at

MOU signed on game changing battery

Altreonic and Tomen Energy in Shenzhen signed an MOU for a Joint Venture to further develop the market of its game changing battery technology. Based on a patented novel type of carbon based super capacitor, it will make electric vehicles become more like traditional ICE vehicles with fast charging and operating without any problems from -40°C, resp. -20°C to +50°C. No complex Battery Management System and no active cooling is needed. The battery itself remains very cool due to its very low internal resistance and thermal run-away risks are a thing of the past.  The batteries have a very long life time (20000 cycles and more) so that no costly midlife replacements are needed.  Overall, the novel batteries are a significant step for a practical transition to a clean and sustainable electricity driven world. 

Open positions at Altreonic -

Entering the market of Light Electric Vehicles for last mile logistics as well as (semi)-autonomous shuttles, we are looking for motivated team players. Join an innovative, technology driven and internationally focused scale-up and move to the dynamic and young environment of Leuven. Key-words: embedded real-time software, electronics, mechatronics, internet developers, business development. See the job page here

Kick-off for DaVinci R&D project

The project is coordinated at HASLab INESC-TEC, University of Minho (Portugal) with external members from CWI/Leiden University, SRI International, and from the company Altreonic.


DaVinci: Distributed Architectures: Variability and Interaction for Cyber-Physical Systems

Short Description:

Distributed software systems are becoming more and more integrated with our daily lives. This ongoing trend is particularly visible in Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) - networks of devices that are usually characterised by their large number of nodes and the interplay between continuous sending of values and discrete events.

In this context, the DaVinci project proposes new software abstractions for interactions in CPS. These abstractions will be grounded, e.g., on real-time models, hybrid systems, dynamic logics, and relational algebra, and will be accompanied by a rich set of tools.

A concrete case-study will be provided by the Belgian company Altreonic, addressing the remote steering of their modular electric KURT vehicles.

More information at the project's website.


Full licensing opportunity for VirtuosoNext and GoedelWorks

In the last couple of years, Altreonic has been setting up a new business unit entering the market of urban electric mobility. The KURT vehicle concept fully exploits the advantages and features of our VirtuosoNext Designer with a fully distributed and fault tolerant, fine-grain partitioning RTOS kernel at its core. The GoedelWorks environment is also in use to support the project from early requirements to full implementation.

As the development of the KURT e-vehicles and associated services has become the main business objective of Altreonic, the technology is hence only offered as an Open Technology License (see link here) and includes all available documentation, source code, test suites, etc. for all targets supported. This includes a 3 days hands-on training. Porting to new targets / BSPs is possible as an engineering service, as part of an in-depth training in team with the customer. A more in-depth training can be provided upon request. A detailed overview is given below. 

Academic institutions and non-profit research organisations can benefit from special conditions. Contact Altreonic.

Altreonic will continue to support existing licensees and maintain the software as needed. Internal developments and extensions will continue but mainly as a function of the specific use in the KURT technology. Altreonic will still make licenses available in the context of customer specific engineering projects.

Interested licensees should contact Altreonic directly for the licensing conditions.


Position paper: VirtuosoNext RTOS for e-Mobility

In this short paper, we explain how e-mobility and the drive towards autonomous driving and MaaS is being disruptive for the traditional automotive vehicle makers. We show how’s KURT’s Software Driven approach meets the challenges.

VirtuosoNext for emobility

Altreonic and LikeAbird join forces

Date:   9th October 2017

Press Release:

Altreonic NV, provider of the unique fault tolerant VirtuosoNext RTOS environment, and

LikeAbird S.L.U., provider of the INAV-IG, the industrial grade Autopilot/Flight Control System Ecosystem for unmanned systems and drones

join forces in combining both technologies in an integrated platform.

LikeAbird is a R&D Think Tank company providing innovative systems, products and solutions in the field of the unmanned (air/land/sea) and robotic industry.

Altreonic speaker at Smart Systems Industry Summit

Date and place: 17th October 2017, Mechelen, Belgium

Title: Autonomous systems: surviving the nanosecond blue screen

by Eric Verhulst, CEO/CTO - Altreonic

AbstractSmart systems are a hot topic these days. Enabled by continuously shrinking electronics, we can now add software to almost anything, from thermostats to autonomously driving cars and self-regulating energy networks. But is a smart system also trustworthy? Will it ever be smart enough to be trustworthy? Self driving cars for example use artificial intelligence to mimic the behaviour of an experienced driver. Clearly, this is a hypothetical driver as human drivers make mistakes all the time. And how would you feel when your car updates its driving software while driving? How smart is a self-driving software that keeps on speeding after it detected six times in a row that the driver was not paying attention to its warnings? How smart is it to have a dishwasher talk to the internet so that it doesn't work when you have no connection? Of course, this type of smartness was introduced by smart people. The issue is complexity, made worse by legacy developed at a time when trustworthiness was a second thought. In the real world the complexity is immense and the law of Murphy is king. The question is how can we make things simultaneously smart and trustworthy? Another question is whether such a smart system should mimic a human brain? Trustworthy means predictable, safe and secure; all aspects for which humans have a very bad reputation. The road to salvation is a systematic one whereby unavoidable errors and faults are taking into account at every step of the development. Fault tolerance and resilience are key.

Full program here.

Download the presentation in attachment.

Flanders Make Seminar Day 2017

How do companies tackle technological challenges?

During this Seminar Day, engineers, researchers and R&D managers from the manufacturing industry will come together to learn more about the results of some of our recent projects. 

More specifically, Altreonic will show how POF reliability prediction and analysis at system level is applied by Altreonic for developing the KURT e-mobility vehicle. The process covers from selection of components and sub-system modules as well as the software architecture.

Date:  28/09/2017 - De Montil, Moortelstraat 8, 1790 Affligem

Registration here


Fault tolerant VirtuosoNext RTOS for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers

Altreonic has now ported the latest VirtuosoNext Designer to ARM Cortex M-series microcontrollers. The latest version fully exploits the Memory Protection support to provide fine-grain partitioning and allows fine-grain recovery from processor exceptions in a few microseconds at the Task level. This effectively provides fault tolerance for the applications without the system experiencing any significant delay and without having to apply costly hardware redundancy schemes. At the system level, the resilience level is greatly increased at virtually no cost. The economic advantages are significant.



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